About Dunbar Community Woodland Group

Lochend Woods form a lovely part of our town and for those of us lucky enough to live close to them, they play an integral part of our lives too. They belong to the people of Dunbar, and their care and maintenance is the responsibility of all who live in the town.

Dunbar Community Woodland Group (DCWG) was set up as a Registered Charity (SC034990) to oversee these responsibilities. Membership is open to anyone and everyone who wants to see Lochend Woods looked after for the wellbeing of all and for the benefit of wildlife.

DCWG’s liaises closely with organisations such as the Community Woodlands Association and Forestry and Land Scotland to ensure the woods are looked after well, for people and nature.

Our aims:

  • To manage Lochend Woods as a community resource for the benefit of everyone in Dunbar
  • Maximise potential for educational and recreational use, and to value wildlife
  • Encourage all who use the woods to treat them with respect, to clear litter and to discourage damage to the trees and wildlife habitats
  • To steward the environment, and maintain pathways and waterways
  • Dunbar Community Woodland Group is committed to preserving and managing Lochend Woods for future generations
Lochend Woods are part of what was once the Lochend Estate and contain the old garden and some ruins. It has been a managed woodland since the 18th century but the trees now growing in the woodland (mostly Sycamore and Scots Pine) were planted shortly after the 2nd World War, circa 1947-50, the previous trees having been cleared and used to help the war effort. The natural woodland on this site would have been predominantly Ash (with Field Maple) and Alder (with Elder) in the wetter areas.
Ownership of the easterly portion of Lochend Woods was transferred to the community in 2007 and Dunbar Community Woodland Group have been managing it since with a view to improving:

  • Safety
  • Accessibility: for walkers and cyclists
  • Recreation opportunities
  • Wildlife value
  • Educational opportunities
  • Appearance (landscape)
  • Timber value
We are indebted to a great many local people, who have given their volunteer time and energy to make this all happen.
Grant aid from Forest Land Scotland enabled us to renew and create paths in 2010, under the ‘Woodlands in and Around Towns’ initiative and we would like to thank the Community Woodlands Association for their ongoing support.