Removal of Timber is now prohibited

prohibition notice
It has become necessary to impose a ban on the extraction of timber from Lochend Woods.

Any removal of logs from the woods will be reported to the police as THEFT. If you see anyone doing this, please let us know on 01368 863 239, or inform the police.




This decision is not taken lightly, and is for the following reasons:

  1. The timber is a resource, much needed to use to raise funds for on-going maintenance in the woods. The services of tree-surgeons and contractors are a considerable cost, and a drain on ever-dwindling financial resources.
  2. Fallen timber provides valuable habitat for insects, birds and mammals. We need to protect this resource.
  3. We are developing greenwood working courses on site, to enable us to make value-added products to sell to raise funds. The better quality timber will be used for this purpose.
  4. Firewood (from storm damage) will occasionally be available FOR SALE – to raise much needed funds.

Contact us on 01368 863239 for info on greenwood courses / firewood sales.

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