Muddy Buddies

This is a woodland based pre-school playgroup, led by Chris Yule, in co-operation with DCWG, and with help from volunteers.

“We want to create an opportunity for parents and children to have fun together in the Great Outdoors! Dunbar has a wonderfully rich variety of outdoor spaces to discover and explore. From beaches to cliffs, woodlands, parks, farms and hills – we are blessed with pretty much everything that we need, right here on our doorstep.”

Sessions usually take place Monday mornings and afternoons. More information can be found on Chris Yule's site.

The Gathering Space is great for parties

At a Muddy Buddy Monday in May 2016

Dunbar Grammar School Activities Week

In the week commencing  25 May, on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, groups of First and bg.jpgSecond Year pupils from the school will spend time in the woods taking part in a range of activities – 

Buschraft skills,Outdoor cooking, and Woodland Games.

The woods will be filled with not just the sounds of bird-song, but the chatter of children.

The aim of these activities, from the DCWG perspective, is to encourage the young people to become stake-holders in the care of the woods, and to teach them to respect the woodland and the habitat it provides.